Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Even Imperfection may have its ideal or perfect state

“Even Imperfection may have its ideal or perfect state.” – Thomas De Quincey

I’m a creative person by nature, but over the years I have stopped exploring and expressing my creativity.

How do you handle “imperfection” in your art and in your life? Do you embrace it? Do you run from it? Or do you “fix” it in an attempt to make it “perfect” or close to perfect? Imperfections feel my head with dread and frustration.

In my attempts to achieve happiness by trying to attain what I thought was “perfection” I was actually missing out on my own life. And I was stressed and unhappy.

My art room is full of infinite possibilities: drawers of paper, paints, brushes, beads, glitter, magazines, sketchbooks and unfinished projects.

I’m striving to be the “imperfectionist” though it’s something I still struggle with. Slowly over time I have slouched off many of these desires and needs for perfection.

We can lose ourselves in the flow of the creative process; some artists refer to it as the “zone”. The feelings we get while in the “zone” can be exhilarating even if what we are experiencing is emotionally difficult.

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  1. oh your blog is lubbly jubbly!
    i enjoy the happy snaps and fancy finds immensely.
    thanks for the inspiration!
    you're wonderful x x